Benefits of the CEP 
ABCEP is an accredited member of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards which is the national organization responsible for accrediting engineering, science, and technology certification programs. The CEP credential provides benefits to the individual, their employer, their clients, the environmental profession, and public at large.
Benefits for the Individual: Advance Your Career and Enhance Your Professional Reputation
Prestige as you are recognized by your peers as a qualified, competent professional, 
Recognition by your employer for the level of professional achievement,
Potential eligibility for performance awards and career promotions,
Opportunities to grow your professional network and industry contacts, 
Opportunities to connect with colleagues,
Exclusive access to the ABCEP CEP Directory with access to senior environmental professionals internationally,
Access to the ABCEP Mentorship Program during all stages of your career,
Opportunities to “give back” to the profession as ABCEP Trustee, Mentor, Certification Review Board member, and other volunteer roles.
Benefits for Employers: CEPs are Confirmed Highly Qualified and Competent Environmental Professionals
Meet the U.S. EPA definition of “Environmental Professional” under the All Appropriate Inquiries Rule,
Certification can be used as a quantitative tool for comparing individuals under consideration for jobs or project leadership,
CEPs have passed a rigorous, independent vetting process including ethics, technical capabilities, and experience as “responsible -in-charge” managers,
CEPs annually provide certification maintenance hours, including continuing education, keeping current with industry standards, and providing service to the industry,
CEPs are immediately recognizable to clients as meeting the highest quality standards,
CEPs are committed to the highest work performance standards within the environmental profession.
Benefits for Clients: Reliable Source for Competent Consultants
Authority: clients can quickly understand the competence and experience of the professional in charge of their project,
CEP credential can be used in decision to determine which project team will be awarded work.